Newton Israelstam LLP recognizes that the privacy of your personal information is important.  This privacy notice is designed to explain to you what personal information Newton Israelstam LLP collects about you, and the use that information is put to.  The notice will also explain how your personal information is kept and secure from inappropriate disclosure or use.


This privacy notice is also designed to comply with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Information Act (PIPEDA).




Individual request for copies of Firm Publications or other information about Newton Israelstam LLP.


Newton Israelstam LLP only uses your personal information to respond to your requests for copies of Newton Israelstam LLP publications or other information about Newton Israelstam LLP and the services it offers, unless we obtain your permission to use your personal information for other purposes.  For example, we would respond to an e-mail message from you requesting information about a certain service.  If we intend to use your personal e-mail address, or other personal information you provided, to inform you about other matters, such as additional services Newton Israelstam LLP provides, we will notify you and give an opportunity to decline to receive such communication.


USE OF Newton Israelstam LLP=S WEBSITE


You may visit our website just to browse.   There is no facility for you to provide us with information via the website other than by sending a regular e-mail.


Even if you do not register with Newton Israelstam LLP on line, Newton Israelstam LLP has the ability to track usage of its website.  We can keep track of the number of times our website is visited, as well as the server from which the site was visited.  This type of general usage information cannot be linked back to you personally.




Newton Israelstam LLP does not supply any of your personal information to other companies for any purpose without your written consent, unless required to do so by law.


Newton Israelstam LLP shares your personal information internally with those partners and staff of Newton Israelstam LLP who needs it to complete your request for information.




Generally, Newton Israelstam LLP keeps your personal information only as long as it needs to in order to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, or as required by law.  For example, if you send a written inquiry to Newton Israelstam LLP, Newton Israelstam LLP will retain your letter long enough to deal with your request, and for a reasonable time thereafter in order to satisfy itself no further follow-up is required.


In some cases, Newton Israelstam LLP is required by law to keep your personal information for a specified period of time.  For example, where information is collected for things such as credit or debit purchases or refunds, Newton Israelstam LLP is required to retain this information for seven years for audit purposes.




Newton Israelstam LLP relies on you to notify us of any changes in address or telephone number, if you wish to continue receiving information from Newton Israelstam LLP.




Only those partners or staff members of Newton Israelstam LLP who need your personal information to respond to your requests are given access to it.  Partners and employees are provided with training and information regarding the proper handling of personal information.  All information stored in our computer system is protected from access by unauthorized users.  Information that is stored in document form is kept in secure, locked offices to prevent access by unauthorized persons.




Generally, Newton Israelstam LLP will provide you with the personal information we have about you on your request.


In some cases, Newton Israelstam LLP may not be able to provide you with all the information we have about you.  This would occur if provision of the information could lead to disclosure of another individual=s personal information or where laws or regulations prevent disclosure, or where it would simply be too costly to provide the information.  If we decide not to disclose some or all of your personal information to you, we will advise you of the reason.


In order to ensure compliance, Newton Israelstam LLP has appointed a Privacy Officer to oversee all aspects of its privacy policies and practices.  If you wish to know what information Newton Israelstam LLP currently has about you, you should send a written request to:


Newton Israelstam LLP

Lionel Newton

120 Carlton Street Suite 209

Toronto, Ontario

M5A 4K2

Tel: 416-640-5006 ext 336


Our Privacy Officer will respond to your request within 30 days.  If you become aware that the information we have about you is incorrect, you should notify the Privacy Officer, who will ensure the information is updated.




If you are dissatisfied with Newton Israelstam LLP=s privacy policies, you should make a written complaint to the Privacy Officer.  The Privacy Officer will investigate the matter and take corrective action where necessary.  The Privacy Officer will then report back to you and advise you of any steps taken to correct the problem